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Jason Dunn, Innisifil ON

"Joel and his team did an amazing job! He is very personable which is refreshing compared to the corporate mentality most have these days. Joel was also very accommodating considering all of the many additional, last minute "oh while you're here" projects he graciously took on (garage floor, foundation wall crack patches, & patio). The finished product turned out perfect, better than I could have hoped for! Thank you Joel @ Geneva Concrete & Epoxy!"


Our team possesses extensive project experience and a diverse range of valuable skills within the concrete industry. In particular, our cement finishers boast a cumulative experience of 30 years, and we take great pride in employing skilled master carpenters who are adept at precisely setting forms, even on intricate projects. Maintaining our commitment to excellence, we offer thorough training to all our equipment operators and labourers to consistently deliver the highest quality work. Leveraging our profound knowledge, expertise, and practical experience, along with our dedication to craftsmanship, we guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations. Rest assured, you can always depend on our unwavering commitment to delivering consistently superior quality work.

As owners & operators, we remain fully engaged throughout the entire process. We do not simply provide you with a quotation and pass it along to someone else. Instead, we actively participate on-site with our employees, ensuring that the job is executed to meet or exceed the client's requirements.


At our core, we believe that building a better community starts with leading the way in the concrete industry. We're passionate about serving the Simcoe County markets and working together to make a positive impact. Let's collaborate and pave the way to a brighter future for our community!



Our mission is to elevate the standards of construction through unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Rooted in the rich tradition of Canadian work ethic, we bring a blend of precision and passion to every project.

We are committed to delivering concrete solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

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