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Have damaged concrete? Water sitting on the floor? Dusty? Cluttered? Geneva Concrete & Epoxy can help! We can repair damaged concrete, finish your garage floor, apply concrete overlays, and install beautiful floor coatings to make it a practical space that's easy to clean and maintain.


Epoxy floor coatings are applied over concrete floors to provide high-performance and durable surfaces
that can last long into the future and will withstand heavy traffic. Our Epoxy Flooring expertise
rest in servicing industrial, retail, warehouse, commercial, and residential buildings. At Geneva Concrete & Epoxy we install
floors that are easy to maintain and utilize.


Interested in immersing your business logo directly into your showroom floor? Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

Concrete Sidewalk 2.jpeg


Landscaping features such as walkways, sidewalks, and concrete pads can easily be placed for building accesibility or to distinguish your backyard scenery. Concrete deck piers and sonotubes can be used to prop up any deck: big or small.


Stamped concrete allows you to create the look of any material you can think of, including ones that only exist in your imagination. Maybe you want your driveway to resemble rustic stone cobbles, sleek tiles, or traditional red bricks. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of an elegant design embossed on a smooth, sand-coloured backyard patio. It’s your home, your vision, and your beautiful concrete surface. If you can picture it, we can create it.


Geneva Concrete & Epoxy specializes in every facet of concrete foundation construction. Through self-performing all of the associated functions; trenching, form setting, grading, reinforcement, concrete place & finish, and grinding, our concrete company consistently exceeds our customers’ construction schedule expectations.

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